Nissan Data Voice

Nissan Data Voice 1.0

Nissan Data Voice is the first vehicle diagnostic software with a voice

Nissan Data Voice is the first vehicle diagnostic software with a voice. By voice, Nissan Data Voice can inform you of the status of vehicle sensors, fault codes and the current system status of the Nissan Data Voice software. If using Nissan Data Voice with Windows 7, Windows Vista or other versions of Windows which have speech recognition installed as part of the operating system (found in control panel) you will also be able to give voice commands to Nissan Data Voice and hear Nissan Data Voice reply. There are multiple voices to choose from, both male and female. If using Nissan Data Voice while driving you can have it announce the status of a vehicle sensor at a timed interval that you select. You can even have it alert you if you exceed a speed or water temperature that you choose. Nissan Data Voice simplifies diagnostics in that you do not always need to look at the computer when diagnosing your vehicle's problems.

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